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my select inside my angular view where i want to add chosen functionality:

<select ng-options="value for value in deutscheBankEvent.dates" ng-init="" ng-model="chosenA" class="chzn-select">
 <option style="display:none" value="">Wählen Sie ein Datum</option>

my controller: when i inject here the .chosen function, it clears the options.

function Ctrl($scope,$http) {

  $scope.text = '';
  $scope.user = {name: '', last: '', location: ''};
  $scope.value = 0;
  $scope.sendForm = function (){
       $'/Submit/To/Url', $ {

my footer:

 $(".chzn-select").chosen(); $(".chzn-select-deselect").chosen({allow_single_deselect:true});

i have no idea, how to get the chosen working. inside controller it clears options and does not apply, the rest does not make any difference. any ideas appreciated

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You should maybe try

It's a suite of angular directives. Among them you'll find 'select2' directive which serves as a proxy to Chosen plugin (Select2 plugin to be precise).

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Select2 is not the same as chosen. – Anzeo Feb 7 '14 at 11:06
@Anzeo I think I made it clear. – Stewie Feb 7 '14 at 11:13
Second solution is easier, I should have scrolled down sooner! – trueinViso Aug 27 '15 at 22:04

Your solution won't work because jQuery code would fire before the element is actually created in the DOM. You should solve this problem using a directive on the form element.

Element needs to be created dynamically and therefore you are in fact operating on the DOM element - perfect fit for Angular's directives. No use of jQuery is necessary and try to avoid it while working with Angular. Note that jQuery is still required due to Chosen dependencies.

I solve the problem using this set:

  1. angular-chosen directive
  2. [OPTIONAL] Bootstrap3 styling

I suggest you to try writing the directive yourself. It's a nice practice. You can try with this:

Good luck!

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This is THE solution. It works on the very same SELECT. On the other hand, AngularUI UI-Select is very hard to implement, it is a whole different semantic. – Anibal Sanchez Jun 20 '15 at 13:33

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