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I'm developing iOS App.

My App has 6 button and each button has each tab bar controll.

so Main screen is

[btn1] [btn2]

[btn3] [btn4]

[btn5] [btn6]

=================== this screen doesn't have tab bar controll.

but if I get into btn1


table view



btn1's screen has tab bar controll like this.

how can I get each different tab respectively to each button.

Main screen shouldn't have tab bar controll.

Is anyone who know the similar problem link or solution?

help me plz.

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Just select the ViewController you are segueing to (in storyboard), then in XCodes Menubar select Editor -> Embed in -> TabBarController

if I misunderstood you question: a (commented) screenshot of your Storyboard would be helpful

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I've solved this problem. I can achieve it by using modal not push. push is only used in navigation bar controller. without nav controller, I can make what I want. thanks your comments! – user1433078 Feb 26 '13 at 17:33

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