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I'm trying to use PHP to verify authentication in our Active Directory using LDAP.

I know a valid username and password, our domain, and LDAP server.

$ldapconn = ldap_connect($ldapserver) works, it returns a 'ldap link' resource.

But when I call ldap_bind($ldapconn, $ldaprdn, $password) it fails.

I have tried a lot of settings for $ldaprdn, but can't find one that works. Some examples:

$ldaprdn = $username;

$ldaprdn = $username.'@'.$domain;

$ldaprdn = $domain.'\\'.$username;

$ldaprdn = "uid=$username,cn=users,dc=$ldapserver,dc=$domain,dc=com"

$ldaprdn = "uid=$username,dc=$domain,dc=com"

$ldaprdn = "uid=$username,dc=com"

$ldaprdn = "uid=$username,dc=$domain"

Nothing of that works, ldap_error($ldapconn) always returns "Invalid credentials".

Login and password are obviously right, I'm able to login in Windows. Any idea what I could use?

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Our AD domain is like "mydomain.intranet", should it be something like dc=intranet instead of dc=com? or dc=mydomain,dc=intranet? I'll try these tomorrow –  Hikari Feb 25 '13 at 20:46

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Debugging this sort of thing is really tricky. Use the logs on the LDAP server if you have access, or try something like http://jxplorer.org/ to get better information about the actual dn/context of the user you are trying to connect as. You probably have part of it missing or not quite right.

Also, if your username/password has characters that need escaping on the command line, make sure you are not escaping them in the PHP script.

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Thanks for reply. They need no escape it's alphanumeric, and I print $ldaprdn and it's what expected. I saw some examples when it's really username@domain, I'm starting to think it's related to apache/php module. –  Hikari Feb 25 '13 at 16:14

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