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how do i delete <?= $var ?> from a chain (a url in this case).

Here is what I already tried:

$link = str_replace("<?= $var ?>", "", $link);

but when i echo $link;, nothing appear. (I think its a problem with the open and close php tags)

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echo htmlspecialchars($link), or do a view-source to see exactly what's being output. remember, if you're viewing this in a browser in an html context, the browser is going to try to render ANYTHING that looks like a tag. – Marc B Feb 25 '13 at 15:30

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By "chain" did you mean "string"?

If nothing else, you'll need single quotes to stop $var from getting interpolated:

$link = str_replace('<?= $var ?>', '', $link);

I would also recommend breaking up the characters that look like PHP open/close tags, for good measure:

$link = str_replace('<?' . '= $var ?' . '>', '', $link);

And have a think about what you're using this string for, and whether it's really a good idea to have PHP code in it. Because it's probably not.

Also be aware that you may not be interpreting the results correctly. Usually we view the output of PHP in a web browser, and web browsers like to assume that what they are receiving from your server is HTML. Text that begins < and ends > is going to be interpreted as an HTML tag and not rendered verbatim; therefore, use your browser's "View Source" function to see what you really get.

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Yes i mean string :) – Hugo.T Feb 25 '13 at 15:36

You can use single quotes which don't parse the variables:

$link = str_replace('<?= $var ?>', "", $link);
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