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I Have a simple html/php form on my page and i was wondering how can i add a prefix to one of the fields?

Example: if a field acts as email field, i need to have a grey prefix like "example@example.com" and dissapear when i write the email.

Is it possible?

My Form

The field i need prefix on:

<div class="form-field">
  <div class="form-field-name"><b>Facebook profile</b></div>
        <input type="text" name="fields[Facebook]" class="required size_half"/>
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Assuming you actually mean 'placeholder', you can use the placeholder attribute with modern browsers. For example:

<input placeholder="Facebook name" type="text" name="fields[Facebook]" class="required size_half"/>

There are plenty of jQuery plugins to fix this on older browsers, for example:


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Thank you! that did it :) ill accept the answer when the block is over –  TonalDev Feb 25 '13 at 16:01
No problem, glad to help. –  BenM Feb 25 '13 at 16:01

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