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I'm using JPA. I have java entity class with specyfic property - class that is mapped on single column:


    @Column(length = 6, nullable = true)
    @Type(type = "mypackage.MyInnerClassHibernateType")
    private MyInnerClass myProperty;



Class MyInnerClass is simple contain only one String and few methods:

public class MyInnerClass{

    private String value;


I have problem with building criteria. Assume that I have Join<?,MyClass> jMyClass, and I need Path<String> to value, so I can compare it using builder.like(...).

How to do it?

Path<String> path = jMyClass.get("myProperty");

gives me: Parameter value did not match expected type and

Path<String> path = jMyClass.get("myProperty").get("value");

gives me: Illegal attempt to dereference path source [null]

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That cannot be done, because in the end it will we SQL query that is run against database. Database is not aware of the fact that data stored to the myProperty is object with field named value.

In general also other constructs of Java programming language cannot be used in SQL queries - not even if query is constructed via Criteria API.

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