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Is there any way to get Fileconveyor( to create files on Rackspace CloudFiles without all of the directory information in the filename?

Local directory: 001
Local filename: 001-test.jpg
CloudFiles container: 001
Uploaded filename: 001/001-test.jpg
Desired filename: 001-test.jpg

Fileconveyor uploads a virtual directory called 001 into the 001 container and then prefixes the directory name to the filename. I really want that virtual directory to not exist and just have the files uploaded.

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where it actually puts the file up to cloudfiles you could add:

dir, file = os.path.split('foo/bar/baz.txt')

possibly before line 152 of fileconveyers/transporters/

self.queue.put((src, dst, action, callback, error_callback))

where it adds the item to the queue.

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