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Is there a Streams equivalent to Observable.Throttle? If not -- is there any reasonably elegant way to achieve a similar effect?

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The rate_limit package provides throttling and debouncing of Streams.

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There's no such method on streams for now. A enhancement request has been filed, you can star issue 8492.

However, you can do that with the where method. In the following exemple, I have defined a ThrottleFilter class to ignore events during a given duration :

import 'dart:async';

class ThrottleFilter<T> {
  DateTime lastEventDateTime = null;
  final Duration duration;


  bool call(T e) {
    final now = new;
    if (lastEventDateTime == null ||
        now.difference(lastEventDateTime) > duration) {
      lastEventDateTime = now;
      return true;
    return false;

main() {
  final sc = new StreamController<int>();
  final stream =;

  // filter stream with ThrottleFilter
  stream.where(new ThrottleFilter<int>(const Duration(seconds: 10)).call)

  // send ints to stream every second, but ThrottleFilter will give only one int
  // every 10 sec.
  int i = 0;
  new Timer.repeating(const Duration(seconds:1), (t) { sc.add(i++); });
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The following version is closer to what Observable.Throttle does:

class Throttle extends StreamEventTransformer {
  final duration;
  Timer lastTimer;

  Throttle(millis) :
    duration = new Duration(milliseconds : millis);

  void handleData(event, EventSink<int> sink) {
    if(lastTimer != null){
    lastTimer = new Timer(duration, () => sink.add(event));

  stream.transform(new Throttle(500)).listen((_) => print(_));
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