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Hey, Seems like an easy answer to find .. however I have spent hours searching with no luck.

What are the official tags that developers are supposed to use on mobile web apps?



Does w3c have an official list?

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For example, if I wrap a phone number with a tag, like phone, a phone that i smart will add a click to call link around it. e.g. <phone>123-456-7788</phone> Then, if the phone is modern, it will automatically create a hyperlink on the phone number to enable a call out feature. – aron Oct 2 '09 at 13:36

There's such a variety across devices that you'll really have to test on whatever your target devices are. The new smartphones (iPhone, Android-based phones, Palm Pre) all have good web browsers that support all the same tags as the desktop browsers.

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Use xHTML Mobile Profile and WML for old phones.

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On current browsers, it's regular HTML. Old versions of Pocket IE may have issues, but most people who use that are used to issues.

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Do you mean like the official DocType or mobile browser specific or what?

I don't think web apps that are visited via mobile phone have any kind of official tags to designate this. In fact, Eric Meyer has written very emotionally on the topic of media/browser targeting for iPhones.

The only thing official (and from the w3c) that I know of in regards to web apps and mobile devices is @media rules for CSS, specifically @media handheld.

If you just want great advice on making web apps for a mobile audience, you should check out:

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