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I've created a simple plug-in that creates a custom post type. This part of the plug in works fine. I've also created a special template to display the contents of this post type and have a copy of it in my plugin folder. (/plugins/myplugin/customtemplate.php)

What I'm attempting to do is have this custom template copied to the theme directory upon plugin activation so it will be available in WordPress. I'm trying to avoid the need for ftp to add a custom template to a theme. (sometimes people ask me to help with a wordpress site and have no clue what ftp is or even how to use it or give me access) I am aware that this method could technically cause an issue if someone changes themes but that's an issue I'll worry about tackling later.

I'm currently using the following code.

  /*Theme Activation */

$plugginFile = __FILE__;
$themeDir = get_theme_root() . '/' . get_current_theme();
$customThemeFile = 'page-link-list-4Cols.php';

register_activation_hook($plugginFile, 'myActivation');
register_deactivation_hook($plugginFile, 'myDeactivation');

if ( !function_exists('myActivation') )
    function myActivation()
        global $themeDir;
        global $customThemeFile;

        copy($customThemeFile , $themeDir . '/' . $customThemeFile);


I'm somewhat familiar with php and I'm not afraid to do a little research if needed. I'm also not opposed to any plug-in that someone is familiar with that will allow me to add custom templates to a theme without having access outside of wordpress. (ftp access etc.)

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I think you should read here : stackoverflow.com/questions/4647604/… –  Obmerk Kronen Feb 26 '13 at 4:01

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