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Im using windows azure with java over tomcat. I want to use the local storage emulator. so I started the local stoage emulator and use:

storageConnectionString = "UseDevelopmentStorage=true"

then im trying to create a table:

public static void createUsersTable() {
    try {
        CloudStorageAccount storageAccount = CloudStorageAccount

        CloudTableClient tableClient = storageAccount

        CloudTable table = tableClient.getTableReference("users");

        table.createIfNotExist();"table users was created");

    } catch (Exception e) {"table users cannot be created");

but when excecuting the line table.createIfNotExist(), im getting the exception:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Null InputStream is not a valid argument at com.ctc.wstx.stax.WstxInputFactory.createSR( at com.ctc.wstx.stax.WstxInputFactory.createXMLStreamReader( at at

I cant find anything over the internet on that exception, does anyone saw this before?

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Ok found what the problem was. Im using maven and I didnt put the azure dependencies over there, just used the jar file. this caused collision with some axis jar imported by maven.

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can you give exact clarification? i am facing the same issue – VD' Jul 24 '13 at 6:43

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