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You can set several properties and configuration options in a Maven build within IntelliJ, but I haven't quite figured if you are able to specify options that are available on the command line such as --also-make or --also-make-dependents.

Is there a way to have those options used by Maven run configurations in Intellij?

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You can create a run/debug configuration by right-clicking any goal in the Maven Projects view, select Create your-project[your-goal] and from there you can add any command-line parameters (such as --also-make). Your configuration will be saved and accessible from a single click on the green arrow :).

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That did it. It appears as though right clicking a goal in the Maven Projects view overrode the command line I set in Maven Defaults but creating a new goal from my-project[goal] did indeed work. – whaley Feb 26 '13 at 14:12

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