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I've started a new project with Vaadin (6.8.8 version) and I need to show different views depending on the URL.

Suppose that my app shows information about countries (for example). If I access I get a form to search whatever country I want, but If I access I get the information view for the country with ID 34.

I did a little search and I found that I can get this functionality with those approaches:

  • MainApplication implements HttpServletRequestListener
  • Setting a ParameterHandler
  • Setting an URIHandler
  • Setting an UriFragmentUtily

I think I'm a bit lost because I can't see big differences between these approaches.

What is the best practice to get what I want? I think URIHandler is a good way to do it but I can't say why.

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Unless you have a good reason to use Vaadin 6, I recommend you to use Vaadin 7 and take a look at the Navigator and RequestHandler. Vaadin 7 has a lot better URL handling capabilities than its predecessor.

If you have to use Vaadin 6, you could use the Navigator 7 addon

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I'll use Vaadin 7, but for now I have to use Vaadin 6. Vaadin 7 is a new version, is it completily ready for production? – ilaz Feb 26 '13 at 8:52
Yes, it's new, but it's also stable. Beta and RC versions are well behind now :) I personally have developed an application with Vaadin 7 that is currently in production and there has been no problems so far. – miq Feb 26 '13 at 9:06

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