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I am using spring integration to perform parallel processing on channel outputs. I have a requirement that the amount of parallelism that goes on needs to be controllable - so I need to be able to increase it or to lower it. Here is my current set up:

<service-activator input-channel="computerInputChannel" ref="computer" method="compute">
  <poller task-executor="computerRequestExecutor" fixed-rate="1000"></poller>

<task:executor id="computerRequestExecutor" pool-size="1" queue-capacity="100" />
<channel id="computerInputChannel"><queue/></channel>

and in code, when I want to change the amount of parallelism, I run the setCorePoolSize method.

My problem is that when I increase the core pool size, I get increased parallelism, but when I then decrease the core pool size, the increased parallelism doesn't go away. For example, if the core pool size is set initially to 1, I see the tasks run one at a time. And if it is then set to 5 I see them run 5 at a time. But if I reset it to 1, they'll continue to run 5 at a time.

How can I throttle the parallelism?

I can follow the code and see that interruptIfIdle() is being called from the ThreadPoolExecutor class, but nothing ever comes from that.

I am very new to spring integration and may be approaching this from the wrong angle. Any help or alternate suggestions for how to achieve what I want would be great.

This post is pretty much my exact question if what I wrote was unclear - unfortunately it was never answered.

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If I understand correctly, I think you actually want to be changing the maxPoolSize. If the core grows, max also grows such that the following condition is always true: max >= core

If core is 1 and max is 5, then given idle time/task-limit settings are also configured, the pool can shrink down from the max to the core size.

Hope that helps.

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No that doesn't do it. I have tried decreasing both to no effect. –  newmanne Feb 26 '13 at 14:35
including idle time/task-limit settings?... there's a bit more detail on the reply in the SpringSource forum - last post by Gary (I assume that is your question there as well?): forum.springsource.org/… –  mfisher Feb 26 '13 at 23:42
yes, that was me. –  newmanne Feb 28 '13 at 14:44
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I received an answer from the spring integration forums

Basically I needed to ensure the task executor had a queue size of 0, that the keep alive time was 0, and that the max-messages-per-poll on the poller was 1.

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