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I'm directly showing some external web page in my Windows 8 app, and this external page loads too much delayed at times and some times it does not load all. Someone please help me to overcome this problem. I'm using XAML/C# for the app.

following is my code to load the external page, how can I check weather the page is loaded properly in the app?

textboxUri.Text = "";
WebView1.Navigate(new Uri(textboxUri.Text));
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Please give the code snippet of your trial by that people will be able to help you better – RinoTom Feb 25 '13 at 19:16
@RinoTom code snippet added – ncw Feb 28 '13 at 15:22
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The Webview class has a LoadCompleted event, I would imagine you want something like this (pseudo code):

    textboxUri.Text = "";
    WebView1.Navigate(new Uri(textboxUri.Text));

    WebView1.LoadCompleted += LoadCompletedEvent;

void LoadCompletedEvent(object sender, eventargs e)
    //Now the website has loaded, do what you want here
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I suggest you have a look here to the MSDN sample code:

Hope this will help you :)

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