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When we restart or deploy we get a number of Resque jobs in the failed queue with either Resque::TermException (SIGTERM) or Resque::DirtyExit.

We're using the new TERM_CHILD=1 RESQUE_TERM_TIMEOUT=10 in our Procfile so our worker line looks like:

worker:  TERM_CHILD=1 RESQUE_TERM_TIMEOUT=10 bundle exec rake environment resque:work QUEUE=critical,high,low

We're also using resque-retry which I thought might auto-retry on these two exceptions? But it seems to not be.

So I guess two questions:

  1. We could manually rescue from Resque::TermException in each job, and use this to reschedule the job. But is there a clean way to do this for all jobs? Even a monkey patch.
  2. Shouldn't resque-retry auto retry these? Can you think of any reason why it wouldn't be?


Edit: Getting all jobs to complete in less than 10 seconds seems unreasonable at scale. It seems like there needs to be a way to automatically re-queue these jobs when the Resque::DirtyExit exception is run.

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Are your resque jobs taking longer than 10 seconds to complete? If the jobs complete within 10 seconds after the initial SIGTERM is sent you should be fine. Try to break up the jobs into smaller chunks that finish quicker.

Also, you can have your worker re-enqueue the job doing something like this: https://gist.github.com/meskyanichi/3719427

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Upvoted and accepted - I'm honestly not sure if we can get them all under 10 seconds though. We have some large exports etc which need to generate one file. Re-enqueueing seems like it solves this though? Can you share what the difference is between Resque::TermException and Resque::DirtyExit. I have a rescue in there for Resque::DirtyExit but it doesn't seem to always re-enqueue. Thanks! –  Brian Armstrong May 7 '13 at 5:06
As an update, they strangely do not rescue those exceptions cleanly sometimes despite having rescue Resque::DirtyExit in the job. I haven't been able to figure out why. This is making our jobs unreliable as we still find them in the failed queue with Resque::DirtyExit exceptions. It's really becoming a problem –  Brian Armstrong May 20 '13 at 22:29

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