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When i try to post the score to facebook, i get this error:

Runtime error ...\main.lua:22: attempt to call global 'score' (a number value) stack traceback: [C]: in function 'score'

And i don't really understand why it is not working. The full code is:

local facebook = require ("facebook")
local json = require ("json")

keeping_score = true
score = 1000

keeping_score = true
local scoreText = display.newText( "Score: " .. score, 20, 20,nil, 20)

print("" .. score)

--Facebook function
local faceListener = function (event)
   local faceMessage = {
                name = "Name",
                link = "",
                message = "I just achieved ".. score"  playing Name.... download for FREE iPhone & Android at",
                caption = "Can you beat my score? ".. score,
                description = "Name Full description here, download for FREE iPhone & Android at",
                picture = "",
                actions = json.encode( { name = "Name", link = "" } )
   --Checks for a login and if everything is good then it calls to post the faceMessage.
   if event.type == "session" then
      if event.phase == "login" then
          facebook.request( "me/feed", "POST", faceMessage )

local faceFunc = function ()
      facebook.login("appID", faceListener {"publish_stream"} )

--Button to activate the post to facebook
local facebutton = display.newRect (0, 0, 50, 50)
facebutton.x = display.contentWidth/2; facebutton.y = display.contentHeight/2
facebutton:addEventListener("tap", faceFunc)

Any solutions ?

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Is this your main.lua? If it is, there's something wrong going on because the line #22 doesn't have any variable named score in it. The line is actions = json.encode( { name = "Name", link = "" } ) – hjpotter92 Feb 25 '13 at 21:01
message = "I just achieved ".. score"  playing Name.... download for FREE iPhone & Android at",

concatenation after score is missed

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message = "I just achieved ".. score .." playing Name.... download for FREE iPhone & Android at",

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