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I have two sets, returned by Set.Make(t). I would like to generate every possible combination of the values in the two. How can I do this?

This works to generate some pairs, but not all:

List.combine (IntSet.elements odp) (IntSet.elements ftw)

This would do it in Java:

for (int i : ktr) {
     for (int m : mnx) {
       System.out.println(i + ", " + m);
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If xs and ys are two lists, then their cartesian product (returning a list of pairs) can be computed as follows:

List.concat ( (fun x -> (fun y -> (x, y))

In this case your xs and ys are IntSet.elements odp and IntSet.elements ftw

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Combining @David Crawshaw's solution (which is tail-recursive) with @newacct's (which is fully generic):

let cartesian_product xs ys =
  List.fold_left (fun acc x -> 
    List.fold_left (fun acc y -> 
      (x,y) :: acc) 
      acc ys) 
    [] xs

let product = 
  cartesian_product (IntSet.elements odb) (IntSet.elements ftw)

This will reverse the natural ordering. It can be regained by applying List.rev to the result (List.rev is also tail-recursive).

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this doesn't type check: Error: This expression has type 'a -> ('b * 'a) list -> ('b * 'a) list but is here used with type 'a -> ('b * 'a) list -> 'a –  Nick Heiner Oct 3 '09 at 16:35
Quite right. I've fixed it now. –  Chris Conway Oct 3 '09 at 19:41

You are looking for the Cartesian product of two sets.

This question has been asked in a thread on the OCaml mailing list. This answer is offered by Brian Hurt: For

module TypeSet = Set.Make(Type);;

Create, to represent the product:

module TypeType = struct
    type t = Type.t * Type.t;;
    let compare (x1, x2) (y1, y2) =
    	let r = x1 y1 in
    	if r == 0 then x2 y2

module TypeTypeSet = Set.Make(TypeType);;

Then generate the product with:

let cartesian_product s1 s2 =
    let f x y t = TypeTypeSet.add (x, y) t in
    let g x t = TypeSet.fold (f x) s2 t in
    TypeSet.fold g s1 TypeTypeSet.empty
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