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So I recently encountered a problem having to do with mail for the iPad 2.

I have this media query:

@media only screen and
  (max-width: 727px) {

(I'm using 727 simply to start scaling down things once the screen width is less then the masthead of the email.

The issue is, that for the iPad 2 (and I'm also assuming 1, but I dont have one to test with), that it doesnt start respecting that media query unless I go all the way down to 701px for the max-width.

It seems to work on iPad3 (at least according to litmus, because I also dont have a physical device to test with).

Has anyone else encountered this? I was under the assumption that the iPad had a max-width of 768px.

Edit: Sorry I wasn't clear about this initially but for iPad2 it is actually using this media query (which I do not expect, since the device width is suppoed to be 768px), but for iPad3 it is not actually interpreting it.

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what are your meta headers? specifically, your viewport meta. it might be worth checking this: out – hexblot Feb 25 '13 at 19:42
I've tried it both with no meta tag and with "width=device-width" and no dice for either. – user1572155 Feb 25 '13 at 19:49

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