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I am attempting to write a Java class which will retrieve messages from GMail via POP3. So far, I have copied this code:

It does actually retrieve the messages, but I need to make it fetch only the unread messages. I have a GMail account I'm using for test purposes, with 3 messages: 1 read, 2 unread. The code correctly says there are 3 messages, but says there are 0 new messages.

When I add a line


it returns 3. I would expect it to return 2, as one of the messages has been read (via Gamil web access)

What's going on? Is there any way I can retrieve only unread messages?

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This is a limitation of the protocol. POP3 simply downloads all messages available at the server, but it does not make the read/unread status of the mail at the server side available. If you want to be able to query that kind of status, you'll have to use IMAP, instead.

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Thanks! I originally thought that IMAP was for sending, POP was for receiving (shows how little I know about email) and your answer led me to further research, including this:… – NickJ Feb 25 '13 at 20:51

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