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I am very new to Linux and shell scripting, and I'm getting stuck on a certain part of a script that I have to write. This is for a class assignment.

I need to write a loop that will check to see if there is a users (in my group) public_html file turned on with the write switch rwx. So that I can write information into it, and than go retrieve it from that group member's public_html after I have finished getting the information I need.

This is where I am right now:

while read temp;do

# this is my main hang up, to see it this global 
# switch is turned on to write.
if[[ <9> = 'w' ]] 
echo "$temp has their w switch turned on."

# this also is throwing me off, i think this is the way to 
# keep going until all the public_html directories in the 
# group have been seen.
done < ..public_html 

or I am trying to figure out how to use the find command which seems to logically be simpiler and make more sense, i just have never used it so am kind of flying by the seat of my pants on this one I tried this line to no avail, maybe its close?

find . */home/public_html -perm -g +w
#I was hoping that would search all user directories looking for the permission +w turned on in public_html.
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Sorry, this sounds like: do my assignment for me. – pahoughton Feb 25 '13 at 20:19
If you would like help with this, I would suggest showing what you've done/tried and give an explanation with the issue you're having. – chrsblck Feb 25 '13 at 20:23
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Are you required to do this with a loop? This seems like a natural fit for find. In particular, the -perm, -gid, and -type tests would be useful here.

Can you explain your environment in a little more detail? Are you looking for files named public_html in users' home directories? Or are you looking for files/folders in the current directory? Or something else entirely?

Some hints for using find:

  • Use the -type d test to limit your results to folders
  • Use the -name test to limit your results to things named 'public_html'
  • Use the -gid test to limit your results to things that are in your group (the id -g command should report your group ID)
  • Use the -perm -g+w test to limit your results to things that are group-writable

Combine all of these, and you should be able to filter out exactly what you're looking for. The man page that I linked to has an "Examples" section at the bottom that shows how to use the various arguments. You might also want to check out this find tutorial for more examples with explanation.

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I am looking for public_html in users home directories, every user in my group has a public_html directory, only selected have the write permission turned on, but every member has the hidden information that I am looking for, so once I find a one with write permissions than I can create a .txt file in their directory and start writing the information I want, and than be able to extract my .txt file at a later time. I will have to research how the find works, as being so new to this language I havent seen all the tricks of the trade. – tattoo3d Feb 25 '13 at 23:58

If you are in the group, the dirs will be readable by you.

shopt -s globstar

for i in **/*/; do
    test -x "$i" && echo "$i have 'x' bit"

Require bash --version >=4

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