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I am filtering links out of a html body using JSOUP.

I use these selectors:

Elements links ="a[href]"); // Select all links"a[href*=#]").remove(); // remove links containing #

But there are still links containing a hashtag. How is this possible?

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When you say "there are still links", do you mean in the Elements (which is a list itself) or in the Document (doc) object? – Francisco Paulo Feb 25 '13 at 21:20
in my Elements collection there are links containing "#" – unr3al011 Feb 25 '13 at 21:24
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The remove() method on Elements does not remove the matches from the Elements itself, but rather from the associated Document object.

For example, if you have:

  <a href="#someid"></a>
  <a href=""></a>

after"a[href*=#]").remove(); you would have:

  <a href=""></a>  

If you want to select all non-hashtag links you can do this:

Elements links ="a[href~=[^#]*");
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Another way would be: Document doc = Jsoup.parse(html);"a[href*=#]").remove(); Elements links ="a[href]"); – unr3al011 Feb 28 '13 at 19:46

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