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my app using android facebook sdk 3.0,after login getting some response,after that i need to signout from facebook clicking on button.

How to log-out from the session in facebook pls help

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@justin i am using facbook sdk 3.0 –  Nilesh Verma Feb 25 '13 at 21:15

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You should do something like this.

if (Session.getActiveSession() != null) {


Also if you store the user token in some other way you should clear that too.

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This method will help you to logout from facebook programmatically in android

 * Logout From Facebook 
public static void callFacebookLogout(Context context) {
    Session session = Session.getActiveSession();
    if (session != null) {

        if (!session.isClosed()) {
            //clear your preferences if saved
    } else {

        session = new Session(context);

            //clear your preferences if saved


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