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I have multiple WebViews showed in ViewPager, as pages, but i faced a problem if part of WebView content is Horizontal Scrollable content, I have tested it on iOS, and the WebView consume the TouchEvent, so the ViewPager doesn't scroll, but in android the ViewPager keeps scrolling, I tried to get the consume the TouchEvent, but I couldn't determine if the content is horizontal scrollable or not.

==== Edit 1:

the width of the content matches the webview, without scrollbars, but they put frame or i dont know what its name, the content inside it is horizontal scrollable. (Interactive Magazine)

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I have not seen this behavior, having published an ebook in the form of WebViews in a ViewPager. In my experience, "it just works" -- the WebView scrolls first, then the ViewPager takes over once the WebView has reached the end in that direction. It may be that my content is simpler than yours, though, as I have only plain HTML and some images. –  CommonsWare Feb 25 '13 at 21:12
ill edit my question to be more clear. (btw i love your books, and your answers too) –  MoshErsan Feb 25 '13 at 21:13

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