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I am LINQ to input information from a Database. I have my try.catch block set up to catch these exceptions. However I believe I ran into a sore spot where I am attempting to see what the message is but it just bypass printing the message to me and goes directly to error page. Here is an example of the code I have so far. I would love to get some input on why this seems to be acting so strange.

 private void CreateEntry()
        var date = DateTime.Today;
        var version = (from v in house.StayLateVersions
                       where v.Active
                       select v).FirstOrDefault();

        if (version == null)
            throw new NullReferenceException();

        //Try to create an entry for the database.  Upon failure, sends the exception to ThrowDbError();

            ResidenceHallInspection rhi = new ResidenceHallInspection();

            rhi.versionId = version.id;
            rhi.submitDate = DateTime.Now;
            rhi.CheckInOrOut = ddlCheck.SelectedItem.Text;
            rhi.Id = txtId.Text;
            rhi.FirstName = txtFirstName.Text;
            rhi.MiddleName = txtMiddleName.Text;
            rhi.LastName = txtLastName.Text;
            rhi.Walls = chbxWalls.SelectedItem.Text;
            rhi.Windows = chbxWindows.SelectedItem.Text;
            rhi.Blinds = chbxBlinds.SelectedItem.Text;
            rhi.Couch = chbxCouch.SelectedItem.Text;
            rhi.CommonRoomCouch = chbxCRCouch.SelectedItem.Text;
            rhi.CommonRoomChair = chbxCRChair.SelectedItem.Text;
            rhi.Doors = chbxDoors.SelectedItem.Text;
            rhi.Carpet = chbxCarpet.SelectedItem.Text;
            rhi.Ceiling = chbxCeiling.SelectedItem.Text;
            rhi.CommonRoomCounter = chbxCRCounter.SelectedItem.Text;
            rhi.Cabinet = chbxCabinet.SelectedItem.Text;
            rhi.Phone = chbxPhone.SelectedItem.Text;
            rhi.Bed = chbxBed.SelectedItem.Text;
            rhi.Desk = chbxDesk.SelectedItem.Text;
            rhi.DeskChairs = chbxDeskChair.SelectedItem.Text;
            rhi.Tub = chbxTub.SelectedItem.Text;
            rhi.Vanity = chbxVanity.SelectedItem.Text;
            rhi.Notes = txtNotes.Text;
            rhi.Building = txtResHall.Text;
            rhi.ApartmentNumber = txtSuitNo.Text;
            rhi.BedSpace = txtBedSpace.Text;


        catch (Exception oe)

    /*Possible Errors                                  */

    private void ThrowDbError(Exception oe)
        Session.Contents.Add("FormException", oe);
        Response.Redirect("/Database-Error/", true);
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The most likely reason for that to happen is that you are running the database version query outside the try/catch block. Any exception in this db access code will not be handled by the code you have shown above.

Try extending your try block to also include the db access code:

var version = (from v in house.StayLateVersions
                   where v.Active
                   select v).FirstOrDefault();

if (version == null)
    throw new NullReferenceException();

and see if this time the error is caught.

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that didnt work –  Paradigm Feb 25 '13 at 21:27
can you try to debug and set a breakpoint in the catch block on the ThrowDbError(oe); line? I have the feeling that the error is caught, but ThrowDbError does a redirect and the error is not shown. –  w0lf Feb 25 '13 at 21:34
On my local machine it runs fine but its when it is uploaded and ran live thats when the problem occurs –  Paradigm Feb 25 '13 at 21:40
@Robertpurpose there could also be a problem with the fact that you are doing Response.Write after Response.Redirect when an error occurs. Try logging the message to a file/db instead of doing the Response.Write –  w0lf Feb 25 '13 at 21:43
doesnt seem to be sending the error. Is there a way to find this on the server? –  Paradigm Feb 25 '13 at 22:02

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