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I need to do an accent insensitive search at my database. The table collation is UTF8.

At my table I have this data.

mysql> select * from categoria;

| name |
| Eletrônicos   |
| Informática   |
| Acessórios    |

I would like to do a search without accents and be able to return the data.

I'm trying to do this search:

Select name from categoria where name like '%eletronicos%'

But the query didn't return any row!

Someone knows how can I do that?

Explaining better

The problem is that the data were stored on database encoded as UTF8.

**Correct word with accent:** Eletrônicos
**Stored at database like:** Eletrônicos
**Searched word without accents** Eletronicos

Best, Flavio

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The where condition in the query should be name LIKE '%eletronicos%'. –  G-Nugget Feb 25 '13 at 21:53

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Try to switch your collation to utf8_general_ci, who is case and accent insensitive

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Hello Syneo, please see my edit Explaining better, in this case just change the collation will not work. –  Flávio Leal Feb 25 '13 at 22:14

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