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I am using google forms to create a form, and have it updated to the google spreadsheet, and also, display the results on the next page. The problem is coming from the check boxes on the form, I can only get one check box to display using php without changing the field name. I can use an array in php and put [] at the end of the field name to make the array work and populate all the checkboxe values on the next page, but then google no longer recognizes that field name and it will not populate that field into the google spreadsheet. Any thoughts on how to not change the field name but still be able to display all the checked checkboxes values on the next page.

Can I use 2 field names or..

a<ul class="ss-choices"><li class="ss-choice-item"><label class="ss-choice-label"><input        type="checkbox" name="entry.10.group[]" value="a" class="ss-q-checkbox" id="group_10_1">
b</label></li> <li class="ss-choice-item"><label class="ss-choice-label"><input   type="checkbox" name="entry.10.group[]" value="b" class="ss-q-checkbox" id="group_10_2">
c</label></li> <li class="ss-choice-item"><label class="ss-choice-label"><input type="checkbox" name="entry.10.group" value="c" class="ss-q-checkbox" id="group_10_3">
d</label></li> <li class="ss-choice-item"><label class="ss-choice-label"><input type="checkbox" name="entry.10.group" value="d" class="ss-q-checkbox" id="group_10_4">

echo("Last name: " . $_POST['entry_4_single'] . "<br />\n");

echo("Last name: " . $_POST['entry_10_group'] . "<br />\n");

$aDoor = $_POST['entry_10_group'];
echo(" ");
$N = count($aDoor);

echo("Engineers: ");
for($i=0; $i < $N; $i++)
  echo($aDoor[$i] . " ");

also submit button.., the problem is google forms only takes field names that it created as in the c and d, but for the php on the next page pick up all the check boxes, i have to have an array as in values a and b, which then google forms will not recognize the field name and the items will not be data-based..

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Post code from your example. –  mkaatman Feb 25 '13 at 22:03
he did, as an answer; editing... –  JoshDM Feb 26 '13 at 18:04
Thanks joshdm, will remember to do it next time. –  Pat Pav Feb 26 '13 at 18:10

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