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This should be simple, although I could not find a way or example yet...

The Mnesia documentation shows how to initialize/create an Mnesia database from the erlang shell, which requires to start the erl shell with the -mnesia parameter:

erl -mnesia dir '"/tmp/funky"'

Once in the shell you can create the schema/etc...


Well, that's simple enough. What if I want to create the schema/etc from another erlang module and I did not start the process with the -mnesia parateter/flag ? I think that basically means, how to dynamically, without running a script but from a pure erlang code approach. For instance, I'd like to do something like this:


test() ->
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Well, I think I found the solution. set_env is what I needed:

application:set_env(mnesia, dir, "/tmp/funcky"),
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