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How, from a clj file, to take whats is outputted to the REPL by the function "print" and put it all in text file ? Is there a way to create a new, empty, text file and put it in the project directory with the other clj files and work on it ?

Thank you.

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You can accomplish this by re-binding *out*

(binding [*out* (clojure.java.io/writer "foo.txt")]
  (print "Hello World"))

(print "This does NOT go to the file") ;; outside the binding macro

After this runs, there should be a file named foo.txt with "Hello World" in it.

The only caveat is that this re-binding only affects forms evaluated within the binding macro.

This will re-bind *out* to a file writer and not require the use of the binding macro.

(set! *out* (clojure.java.io/writer "foo.txt"))

(print "foo") ;; written to foo.txt
(print "bar") ;; written to foo.txt

I'm not sure if there will be any negative side-effects of re-setting this var. Use with caution!

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may you please explain more what should be there is the ns ? and the operations to be made ? The foo file is empty. – Mr.Queries Feb 26 '13 at 6:04

I know this is not exactly what you are looking for but just for the record you can use with-out-str macro.

This evals the output as a string that you can store in a file.

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