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Every new user must accept the EULA in order to use the service provided by my RoR application, so when the user first time logs in to my website, s/he has to accept the EULA, if s/he does NOT want to accept, s/he can just logout, so:

I have a before_filter in my ApplicationController with an :except action:

before_filter :check_eula, :except => [:destroy]

And there is link on my EULA page:

<%= link_to('Logout', destroy_user_session_path, :method => :delete, :class => link_class) %>

And I'm using Devise:

destroy_user_session DELETE /users/sign_out                   {:controller=>"devise/sessions", :action=>"destroy"}

The problem is that, it seems the :check_eula is still called when the user clicks the "Logout" link without accepting the EULA.

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I don't know why the following is working, but here is the solution:

In config/application.rb:

config.to_prepare do
  # ...

  Devise::SessionsController.skip_before_filter :check_eula, :only => [:destroy]


How to skip a before_filter for Devise's SessionsController?

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