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I am using this code to load existing images from the directory, then to also hopefully add the uploader's username:

// Load existing files:
    url: $('#fileupload').fileupload('option', 'url'),
    dataType: 'json',
    context: $('#fileupload')[0]
}).done(function (result) {
    $.each(result.files, function (index, file) {
            url: "include/fileinfo.php?mode=getname",
            success: function(data) {
                file.user = data;
    $(this).fileupload('option', 'done').call(this, null, {result: result});

What this does is go to my database and load the uploader's username from the database and add it to the result object. If I console.log(result.files) I get this:

0: Object
delete_type: "DELETE"
delete_url: "/fileupload.php?file=Desert.jpg"
name: "Desert.jpg"
size: 845941
url: "http://mydomain.com/files/963/Desert.jpg"
user: "Demo.User"

and so on for the other files - which looks correct. (note the addition of the 'user' element.)

So I want to display the file.user information in my templated table. I add a new row that looks like this:

<td class="uname"><span>{%=file.user%}</span></td>

and nothing displays. What is wrong with my logic? Does something need to change in the code somewhere as well?


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I discovered that this approach won't work. Instead, I do an ajax call to load the ids from the database BEFORE this construct. Then I just use array values.

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