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Is it possible to make ucma3.0 talk to my office365? I want to build a query bot that creates and holds a connection, and responds to questions from other users in my domain. I started with the publishpresence sample. Using for my FQDN. Regardless of what I put for the username URI etc it always says the endpoint actively refused my connection attempt. From what I could gather office365 is running lync 2010 server so it seems like this should work.

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It's not possible to connect with UCMA to Office365. You could however use the Lync 2010 SDK, this is the Client SDK which you can use to control a your local Lync client.

Depending on your requirements you could run the client in so-called "UI-Suppression" mode to give you an active connection to the Lync server without showing the Lync interface. See Understanding UI Suppression in Lync SDK.

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Thank you very much for this! – Vinnyt Mar 6 '13 at 18:48

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