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how can i delete the value of each select option element except the second option value :

<select name="_users_id_requester" onchange="submit()">
  <option value="0">-----</option>
  <option selected="" value="774">Asmaa El Habib,Yassine</option>//except this one 
  <option value="779" title="Ahlam Edouiri - U8K8O">Ahlam Edouiri</option>
  <option value="746" title="Ainane Mohamed - MohamedAinane">Ainane Mohamed</option>

i have tried some thing like this but i don't know how to end it :

  if ( $(this).index() > ..... )
    $(this).attr("value", " ");
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Try this one stackoverflow.com/questions/47824/… Here you'll see how to clear the select options list and add the element you want. – Felipe Garcia Feb 25 '13 at 22:51
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You can go like

$("select[name='_users_id_requester'] option").not(":eq(1)").val('');
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$("select[name='_users_id_requester'] option").not(":eq(1)").prop('value', '');
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You can use some selectors to select precisely do what you want as the :nth-child and the :not one.

    $(this).attr("value", "");

The :nth-child selects a precise child and the :not do a sort array subtraction. It subtracts all the ones match by the not the with the whole array.

Here is a working JsFiddle. Just look at the HTML using Chrome or Firebug

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