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I would like to implement limited scope streaming (LAN, multicast, even broadcast) where the client is implemented in silverlight. More importantly, I would like to stream from a desktop OS, not a server OS. As a result, I can't use the MS media server, which I believe requires WS2003 or WS2008.

Ideally the solution would have some sort of API so I can plug in or provide a custom frame source.

If I need to encode my own video, how can I encode using H.264 or another Silverlight supported codec?

if I need to implement my own server, where can I find information about how a client starts to receive a stream?

thank you! I know, it's a lot of questions, but it basically boils down to "how do I stream from a non-server OS?"

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My Friend Vikram wrote a blog post about Overview of Live Smooth Streaming,Live Encoding and Streaming with Expression Encoder 2 – Part 8. Check it out and see if it helps. I dont think he used a server for the article.

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Sorry, I didn't mention it, but I would rather not depend on using Expression Encoder... – Will I Am Oct 5 '09 at 15:09

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