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i have a table being echo'd from a single query to a table in our database and i get it to echo out the following table;


i want it to sort the "yellow" rows under the correct green rows where the "mainToon" name matches for example:

high voltege


--Cpt Hook


-- Valeside

my code to echo the above page is;


  $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `members`");
  echo "<table border='1'>
  <th>Character ID</th>
    while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
        $characterID = $row['characterID'];
        $name = $row['name'];
        $startDateTime = $row['startDateTime'];
        $logonDateTime = $row['logonDateTime'];
        $logoffDateTime = $row['logoffDateTime'];
        $location = $row['location'];
        $role = $row['role'];
        $vouchedBy = $row['vouchedBy'];
        $positionHeld = $row['positionHeld'];
        $remarks = $row['remarks'];
        $afkNotice = $row['afkNotice'];
        $toonCategory = $row['toonCategory'];
        $mainToon = $row['mainToon'];
        $watch = $row['watch'];

    if ($toonCategory == 'Main Toon') {
        echo "<tr bgcolor='#00FF00'>"; }
    else {
        echo "<tr bgcolor='#FFFF00'>"; }
    echo "<td>" . $characterID . "</td>";
    echo "<td>" . $name . "</td>";
    echo "<td>" . $mainToon . "</td>";
    echo "<td>" . $toonCategory . "</td>";
    echo "</tr>";
    echo "</table>";


at the moment i am not echo the other data until i can figure out how to display this table accordingly. can it be done this way?

this is how i want to display the table;


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Add an ORDER BY clause to your sql:

SELECT * FROM `members` ORDER BY toonCategory;

If there are other values above and below "Main Toon", You can order by a boolean:

SELECT * FROM `members` ORDER BY toonCategory = 'Main Toon' DESC;


Now I see what you are after as you have put up the example, try:

SELECT * FROM `members` ORDER BY CONCAT(MainToon, Name);

if the blank spaces are empty strings or:

SELECT * FROM `members` ORDER BY COALESCE(MainToon, Name) DESC, Name;

if the blank rows are null.

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it only orders them in the table view by "category" not links the toon with its "ALT" (second toon!) which can be found in the "mainToon" echo. – Stephen Jackson Feb 26 '13 at 0:07
@StephenJackson I've 2 possible new answers - hopefully one will work for you. – rjmunro Feb 26 '13 at 0:31
thanks bro worked a treat! – Stephen Jackson Feb 26 '13 at 0:40

Try SELECT * FROM members ORDER BY toonCategory;

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this is how i want it to display; skulldogs.com/dev/mockup.php – Stephen Jackson Feb 26 '13 at 0:18

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