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I am trying to open two files from inside the code, but I am having trouble trying to get my three numbers from first.txt but it only prints the first one. I just need help printing all the numbers from my text file so no need to finish my whole program but advice is welcomed :)!

    int main(int argc, char **argv)
    int *number1Pointer = malloc(80 * sizeof(int));
    FILE *file1;
    //FILE *file2;
    file1 = fopen("first.txt", "r");
    //file2 = fopen("second.txt", "r");

    int read = fscanf(file1, "%d", number1Pointer);

    if(read != '\0')
            printf("%d", &number1Pointer);


    return 0;
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If you need to read 3 numbers, then you could try with this code

int read = fscanf(file1, "%d %d %d", &number1Pointer[0], &number1Pointer[1], &number1Pointer[2]);

The variable read will have the number of elements read or EOF. Hence, the check will have to be adapted.

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int read = fscanf(file1, "%d", number1Pointer); will just read one "%d" like scanf("%d", &num) from stdin.

You can either use a while loop or fscanf(file1, "%d%d%d", ...).

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Program sample: ideone.com/YxjE4Z –  congusbongus Feb 26 '13 at 0:20
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If your file contains three numbers separated by a space - i.e. 21 32 32 - you need a format string matching that format:

fscanf(file1, "%d %d %d", &number1Pointer[0], &numberPointer[1], &numberPointer[2]);

Remember to free() your allocated variable after using it.

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