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This is what I'm trying to do in my Makefile:

MAKE_381 := $(TOOLS)/bin/make-381

    cd proj && $(MAKE_381)

MAKE_381 refers to the version of make v3.81 binary. This is required since the proj directory contains Makefiles which are compatible only with v3.81 and nothing newer or older.

I need to have this Makefile always use make v3.81 to build proj independent of the version of GNU make the developer has installed on his/her system.

Invoking MAKE_381 works but with one caveat, any extra parameters like number of parallel jobs, are not passed to MAKE_381. I could not find any documentation on how to extract this information.

I'm aware of MAKEFLAGS variable in GNU make, which I understand should contain any extra parameters passed to make from command line, but somehow I find this value to be empty.

I do not wish to hardcode the number of jobs passed to MAKE_381, instead the parameter should be passed through based on the initial Makefile invoked.

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All you have to do is prefix the command line with a + character, so make knows that you're invoking another sub-make process:

        + cd proj && $(MAKE_381)

If your command used the variable MAKE directly then this would be automatic, but since you're using a different variable name (MAKE_381), you have to do it explicitly.

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