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I have a certain scenario that might be obscure but in any event here it is:

1) My overall objective is to stream Facebook updates for my company's Facebook page to Hadoop 2) I know how to do this for my FB page: a) Requires a FB app b) A FB Realtime subscription c) A callback URL to a page that receives the GET/POST d) A Flume HttpSource to receive the Http Post from FB

All of this has been done successfully for my personal FB page. The challenge is that I would like my company's page to add the App so that I can stream updates from their page to my company's Hadoop environment. My marketing department would like to capture interactions with the page followers for sentiment analysis. Finally I would like to do so with my FB app in sandbox mode.

Is it possible to have a FB app in sandbox mode and still have it visible to my company's FB page so that the page admin can go in and add the app that I created and is still in sandbox mode?

I tried adding the company as a test user and not surprisingly that attempt failed. Is there a proxy user for my company's page that I can setup as a test user?

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I think I found an answer to my question here. stackoverflow.com/questions/10805745/…. At least the question I asked has already been posted. I will examine this posting in more detail and if I get things working, I'll the resolution. – Dan Sandler Feb 27 '13 at 0:40
Another update - I found the resolution in this posting here. stackoverflow.com/questions/8351924/… – Dan Sandler Feb 28 '13 at 1:55

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