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How do I clone my Github repo's wiki? I know it's saved as a separate git repo, but can't remember the path.

I've tried ...reponame/wiki.git and ...reponame.git/wiki but neither are correct.

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That question was actually several questions, one of which got it closed for being off topic. Also, at the time the accepted answer on that question didn't exist. If anything that answer should be marked as a duplicate of this one. –  joseph.hainline Mar 16 at 20:22
I guess you are right. Thanks for pointing that out! –  Krom Stern Mar 17 at 5:09

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Append .wiki.git to the repo name.

i.e. if your repo name was foobar

git clone git@github.com:myusername/foobar.git would be the path to clone your repo


git clone git@github.com:myusername/foobar.wiki.git would be the path to clone its wiki.

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Do other users automatically have permission to push if they can edit? –  krlmlr Nov 7 '13 at 8:38
Yes. You can set them to have read access based on whether they're a collaborator, but push permissions require them to be a collaborator. github.com/blog/774-git-powered-wikis-improved –  joseph.hainline Nov 12 '13 at 20:27

Get the repo url and just add .wiki on the end. For instance, if you originally cloned:

git clone https://github.com/fpinscala/fpinscala

Just do this

git clone https://github.com/fpinscala/fpinscala.wiki
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