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my question is probably simple for most but its troubling me and ive been googling for sometime now.

Im trying to create a product on this following website for a client

I want to create another Voucher called $100+ Gift Voucher with that voucher set at $100.00 obviously. when the viewer clicks on this I want to have a "Enter Amount" box where the viewer can enter the amount they want to pay for a Gift Voucher. for example if they wanted a $210.00 Gift Voucher, they simply enter $210.00

I managed to do this with custom fields but it then adds the amount entered (eg. $210.00) onto the $100.00 which I dont want. If it is possible I would like the $100+ Gift Voucher set to $0 dollars and whenever the viewer types in the value they want (eg. $210.00) and then go to the Shopping Cart the Total amount will be $210.00

Any help would be AMAZING


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I think you can't exactly do this with current VM without any core files modification especially cart helper and related files.

But i think you can achieve this in another way .like you are planning to provide a text box for entering the amount in front end . instead of that you can provide a list box with predefined values.This you can achieve by using the VM custom fields options . There is one option for making a list of values for custom fields.

Hope this may help you..

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Thanks Jobin, Ive tried to make a dropdown menu but say if I have the price set to $100 dollars and they select a price of $110 from the dropdown instead of adding the $10 dollars onto the original $100 price it adds $110. Any ideas on how to stop this? tutorials? – Callum Feb 26 '13 at 20:48

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