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I'm trying to figure out how to load GeoJSON list on lon/lat coordinates into a MapBox map. I think I'm close, I just can't seem to get it actually working.

I have a demo page set up here:

Here's the GeoJSON file:

  "type": "MultiPoint",
  "coordinates": [

The HTML is simply:

<div id="map"></div>

And the JS:

var map ='map');

// example.geojson is a well-formed GeoJSON document. For this
// style, the file must be on the same domain name as the map,
// or loading will not work due to cross-domain request restrictions

var markers = mapbox.markers.layer().url('markers.geojson');

// Zoom and center the map
map.zoom(2).center({ lat: 39.74739, lon: -105 });
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Looks like you need to format your geojson a little more explicitly with a geometry object and key value pairings. See as an example.

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I had the same issue loading geojson to my mapbox map. The comments in the JS actually pointed out the reason: there are cross-domain request restrictions.

You could check the same origin policy and you would want to run the application somewhere else.

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