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I have two checkbox on my Product view which:

<%= f.check_box :can_be_sold %>
<%= f.check_box :can_be_purchased %>

And I give several ajax ability to those checkbox to disable/read only some textfield / select field just like:

Application.js.erb (showing just the caller code):



get "*module/products/product_can_be_sold" => "products#can_be_sold"
get "*module/products/product_can_be_purchased" => "products#can_be_purchased"

The thing is, when on my http://.../products/new both work perfectly and nice and tells that routes to http://.../products/products/can_be_sold, but when on my edit action which http://.../products/1/edit it return an error: No route matches [GET] "/products/1/products/can_be_sold"

My analysis was probably wrong on my caller method, I tried to switch, change, but it didn't solve yet, and I have no idea more to solve this issues.


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If you guys need more code, just tell me, on my controller just a def with respond_to no else. – ksugiarto Feb 26 '13 at 4:15

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The problem solved, my mistake was when on my routes.rb.

I look on the code carefully and realize that I should put:

get "*module/products/can_be_sold" => "products#can_be_sold"
get "*module/products/can_be_purchased" => "products#can_be_purchased"


get "*module/products/product_can_be_sold" => "products#can_be_sold"
get "*module/products/product_can_be_purchased" => "products#can_be_purchased"

What a stupid mistake, haha.


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