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I have an array of structs. Each struct is as below.

struct thread_st
    pthread_t thr;

    int conn;
    pthread_mutex_t mutex;
    pthread_cond_t cond;

conn indicates if the thread has work to do. It indicates a task if it is >=0 or to wait if it is -1. If it reads a -1 it waits using the following loop for a broadcast before continuing I've removed a little of the error handling hence the else etc to shrink the block to whats needed

while (str->conn == -1) {
    else {
        if (pthread_cond_wait(&str->cond,&str->mutex)) {
            if (pthread_mutex_unlock(&str->mutex)) { }
            return NULL;
        printf("here b3\n");

Now, my issue is, when the cond variable is broadcast pthread_cond_broadcast(&thr->cond) where thr is of the type thread_st above all of the threads print the "here b3" statement. For the sake of sanity I have tested using The thread_st array is created here (again error handling removed)

struct thread_st pool[TP_SIZE];
for (i = 0; i < TP_SIZE; i++) {
    pool[i].conn = -1;
    if (pthread_mutex_init(&pool[i].mutex,NULL)) { }
    if (pthread_cond_init(&pool[i].cond,NULL)) { }
    if (pthread_create(&(pool[i].thr), NULL,worker_thr_routine, pool)) { }

Any ideas? this is my first real attempt with cond and mutex variables so if i am being stupid please tell!


Update The threads ONLY respond to a broadcast on the condition variable located in the first struct in the array.

Update 2 Found it. It was me being an idiot. Where i called pthread create I passed the whole pool. I only meant to pass pool[i]

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while (str->conn == -1) { else { is obviously not valid C code. What's left out? –  R.. Feb 26 '13 at 5:09
By the way, your idiom for handling failure returns looks problematic... –  R.. Feb 26 '13 at 5:10
there is an if there which checks a stop flag. In each of the empty sets of brackets there is a perror and return statement. Im also about to update the post since further testing has given me more details –  user2036256 Feb 26 '13 at 5:14

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You are passing the reference to the array pool to all the threads, so (I guess, as the code is missing in your OP) each thread refers to the array's frist element.

You might like to change the following line:

if (pthread_create(&(pool[i].thr), NULL,worker_thr_routine, pool)) 

to be:

if (pthread_create(&(pool[i].thr), NULL,worker_thr_routine, pool + i)) 

to pass the reference to the current thread specific entry of pool tho the thread function.

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