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I have a view that is like this:

render  :partial  => 'shared/_address', :locals   => {:address => order.bill_address}

With a partial that looks like this:

  <b><%= address.name %></b><br/>
  <%= raw address.address_lines('<br/>') %><br/>
  <%= address.city_state_zip %><br/>

There are multiple instances of the partial rendered on a page. Instead of having it display address.name, how can I modify my render :partial line so that I am passing on a custom string e.g. "Future Shipping Address" instead of having to use address.name?

So the code would look like below:

  <b>STRING GOES HERE</b><br/>
  <%= raw address.address_lines('<br/>') %><br/>
  <%= address.city_state_zip %><br/>
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render :partial => 'shared/address', :locals => {:my_string=>"my string", :address => order.bill_address}

in partial

<b><%= my_string %></b><br/>
<%= raw address.address_lines('<br/>') %><br/>
<%= address.city_state_zip %><br/>
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render 'shared/_address', address: order.bill_address, custom_string: 'foobar'


<b><%= custom_string %></b>
<%= raw address.address_lines('<br/>') ....
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