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I read that the ^ operator is the logical xor operator in c#, but i also thought it was the "power of" operator. Can someone clear this up for me?

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It is not the power of operator of C# since there is no such operator in C#. It is just the XOR operator.

For "power of", use Math.Pow.

As you can see from this page on the C# Operators, ^ is listed under the "Logical (boolean and bitwise)" category, which means it can both handle boolean values, and binary values (for bitwise XOR).

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hmm, then wherever i was using that operator as "power of" i'll have to fix at some point... – RCIX Oct 2 '09 at 7:36
Just to add: The PowerOf Function in C# is Math.Pow. – Michael Stum Oct 2 '09 at 7:37
@RCIX: Didn't you notice any incorrect results when you were attempting to use ^ as the power-of operator? – LukeH Oct 2 '09 at 8:27
^ is the "power of" operator in VB.NET. – Christian Hayter Nov 1 '09 at 14:07
@LukeH depends on the numbers you're working with I guess. I quickly noticed when my items with a height of 2 ^ 2 weren't visible. – Stijn Mar 1 '12 at 13:12

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