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supposed i created a linked list in class A how can class B access it? please give me some examples if any many thanks

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If the linked list is maintained by class A. You should create an interface that can be used by class B.

I can think of:

  • Add, to add to the linked list
  • Delete, to delete from the linked list
  • Replace, to replace an item
  • Lookup, to get an item from the list.
  • Length, to get the length of the list.

And there are possibly more (like an iterator) but it should suit your needs.

An other option is to create it outside class A and B and pass it to the classes at construction.

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i am not sure how to create an interface like that. would you mind giving me an example? thanks – ltp00507 Oct 5 '09 at 9:19
Just add the methods needed to manipulate the linked list to class A so class B can access them. – Toon Krijthe Oct 5 '09 at 10:07

One way is to pass the list to both classes through a constructor.

List<X> list = new LinkedList<X>();
A a = new A(list);
B b = new B(list);
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Does it have to be a linked list? if you use a different structure that you can control the memory space of, you can use shared memory nicely.

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You can create friend functions for insertion, deletion, traversal etc. and other operations on the link list in class A and , they'll be available for use in Class B.

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