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I'm working on a game for android using Cocos2D-android and when I'm trying to use the CCQuadParticleSystem class, the CTOR just returns null. I spent hours searching for an example or a tutorial on this and all I found was other people asking about the same exact thing. It just returns null. I have my .plist file in my assets folder - the same file which is working just great with Cocos2D-X and IOS. According to the good people at it should work so I must be doing something wrong but like I said... it just returns null when I call the CTOR with or without casting:

CCQuadParticleSystem p1 = (CCQuadParticleSystem) CCQuadParticleSystem.particleWithFile("fire.plist");

CCParticleSystem p2 = CCQuadParticleSystem.particleWithFile("fire.plist");

Please, anyone ???

if It's of use, this is the .plist file I'm working with

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Ok, so according to the project's home at: you should create particle systems outside of CTORs. Well I did and it still doesn't work ! – user1541941 May 2 '13 at 17:39

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Have a look on this example :

link for plist

you'll get the way how to handle plist file .

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I didn't ask about plist files. I asked specifically about CCQuadParticleSystem. – user1541941 May 2 '13 at 17:22

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