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In Coldfusion, I tried to find the function to find the index value of last occurrence of / in file path so that file name after / is picked up. can any body suggest me the solution. I want to retrieve file name from a file path.

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I know nothing of CF, but one way I do this elsewhere is 1. reverse string, stringleft till /, 3 reverse string.... There are probably much faster and elegant ways. – Robert Ilbrink Feb 26 '13 at 6:01

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Use GetFileFromPath(filepath). It returns the file name from a given path.

<cfset fileName = GetFileFromPath(filepath)>
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easy.....thanks – rique Feb 28 '13 at 5:20
If you need the parent also, check: – Roland Jul 21 at 13:05

You could either use listLast() to get the fragment of the string you want directly:

filePart = listLast(fullPath, "/\");

Or you could simply use java.lang.String's lastIndexOf() method to approach it exactly the way you describe.

However I'd just use listLast().

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Actually scratch that: I'd just do what @coldfusiondevshop suggested! – Adam Cameron Feb 26 '13 at 11:03

Work great. change the code to use . to get the extension of a file for create a archive file name to back up old version.

Added the code listLast(form.Document_File_Nm, "."> to the below plus added the period back in to the filename.

<cfset ArchiveFileName = mid(form.Document_File_Nm,1,len(form.Document_File_Nm)-4) & '_' & trim(ATTUID) & '_' & DateFormat(now(),'YYYYMMDD') & TimeFormat(now(),'HHMMSS') & '.' & listLast(form.Document_File_Nm, ".")>
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