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  1. We often have Excel connect to a teradata database and run some sql for various reports/models we produce. If I'm right this will always connect and 'Execute' as per a standard query run in Queryman.
  2. However, I'd like to be able to tell it to connect and 'Execute Parallel'.
  3. Because my query takes around 2-3 hrs to get the data and if I run it from excel VBA then I am not able to do anything on my Excel application.
  4. I want that once i have fired query on teradata, it will run parallerly and my excel is also free for the time required to get the data.

Thanks in advance!!!

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Can i start by saying 2 to 3 hours is a long time!

I can only suggest one thing as you haven't got any code to go on and the type of connection is unfamiliar to me:

Excel can open more than one instance of the application, this is completly different to a new workbook within the currently opened one.

There are a few ways to check, the main one is you cannot link to a cell in another instance of excel and I frequently get this when trying to do a vlookup between workbooks that are not in the same instance.Also ifyou press <ctrl> + <c> to cycle through your workbooks within the curreent instance, other excel instances wont show.

You can open a new instance by right-clicking on the excel on the taskbar and open a new excel. If successfull there will be no issues opening excel.

As an aside, I connect asynchronous to oracle and use a loop that checks the state of the connection and add the Do Events function to enable excel to keep woking.

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