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I have a view

     <script type="text/javascript">

function ajax_articles() {

      url: "http://localhost/codeigniter/CodeIgniter_2.1.3/index.php/patientmain/search_doctor_by_name/"+$('#search')[0],
      async: false,
      type: "POST",
      data: "type=article",
      dataType: "html",
      success: function(data) {


<div class="content">
<div class="content-left">
<div  class="row1">
   <h2>Welcome <? echo $username ?></h2>
   <form name="search">
   Search Doctor by name : <input name="name" id="search" type="text" onChange="ajax_articles();">

   <div id="ajax">


<div class="content-right">
<div class="mainmenu">
<h2 class="sidebar1">My Menu</h2>
  <li><a href="#">this is a dummy link 1</a></li>
  <li><a href="#">this is a dummy link 2</a></li>
  <li><a href="#">this is a dummy link 3</a></li>
  <li><a href="#">this is a dummy link 4</a></li>
  <li><a href="#">this is a dummy link 5</a></li>
  <li><a href="#">this is a dummy link 6</a></li>
  <li><a href="#">this is a dummy link 7</a></li>
  <li><a href="#">this is a dummy link 8</a></li>
  <li><a href="#">this is a dummy link 9</a></li>
  <li><a href="#">this is a dummy link 10</a></li>


This is my view now i want to call the http://localhost/codeigniter/CodeIgniter_2.1.3/index.php/patientmain/search_doctor_by_name through this jquery ajax. But nothing is happening. No response is coming. I think there is some problem in the code can anyone please point out the problems. Please suggest. Thanks

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have you checked for errors in firebug..? –  Dipesh Parmar Feb 26 '13 at 6:11
In ajax request, try putting another function on error like error:function() { alert("Error in ajax call"); } –  mabus44 Feb 26 '13 at 6:11
I am new to ajax in jquery can you please tell me where to add this code –  user2008654 Feb 26 '13 at 6:18
Anyone pls help –  user2008654 Feb 26 '13 at 6:54

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like this:

public function search_doctor_by_name($search_name = '') {
      //$row = $this->db->get('table')->result_array();
      $this->output->set_output($data);//or echo 'some data';

may be you need firebug.^_^

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this function is there and its working only the ajax is not loading –  user2008654 Feb 26 '13 at 6:25
function ajax_articles() {
$.post("http://localhost/codeigniter/CodeIgniter_2.1.3/index.php/patientmain/search_doctor_by_name/"+$('#search').val(),{},function(data) {$('#ajax').html(data);});


try this

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<script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.js"></script>

and use this function

        dataString = $("#JqAjaxForm").serialize();
        type: "POST",
        url: "your ci url",
        data: dataString,
        dataType: "json",
        success: function(data) {
            //var obj = jQuery.parseJSON(data); if the dataType is not specified as json uncomment this

            alert(data);// this will be a json string




and give your text box like this

<input id="search" type="text" name="name_ajax" />

and this is your form id

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